Coding-based Energy Minimization for Phase Change Memory

TitleCoding-based Energy Minimization for Phase Change Memory
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsMirhoseini, A., M. Potkonjak, and F. Koushanfar
Conference NameDesign Automation Conference (DAC)
Date PublishedJune, 2012
KeywordsEnergy Efficient Coding, phase change memory

We devise new coding methods to minimize Phase Change Memory write energy. Our method minimizes the energy required for memory rewrites by utilizing the differences between PCM read, set, and reset energies. We develop an integer linear programming method and employ dynamic programming to produce codes for uniformly distributed data. We also introduce data-aware coding schemes to effi- ciently address the energy minimization problem for stochastic data. Our evaluations show that the proposed methods result in up to 32% and 44% reduction in memory energy consumption for uniform and stochastic data respectively.
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